The roots of Necronomicon. The book of Abyss


The Roots of the Necronomicon,” in an expanded English version, with an extraordinary Cover illustration bearing the signature of renowned artist Giorgio Finamore, and an exclusive introduction from the pen of horror writer Danilo Arona.

“A work therefore directed especially to fans of the Occult who are convinced with various nuances that Lovecraft conveyed a ‘Real Teaching’”

The discussion is long-standing. And it restarted relentlessly upon the release of Samael King’s first book, “Lovecraft – The Secret Cult.”

In a powerful yet inadequate summary, on the one hand the defenders of the Lovecraftian dogma attest to the extraneousness of the Providence writer’s world to the boundless esoteric/religious magma that arose in the wake of his work, thanks mainly to the literary creation of the Necronomicon, and on the other hand, a growing movement believes possible the more or less conscious complicity of HPL to some of the binding themes of his work, foremost among them the occultism practiced by what Kenneth Grant has happily christened the Shadow Cults.

Samael King, in his first book, questioned the provenance of the magical-ritual materials that abound in Lovecraft’s fiction, adumbrating the hypothesis that the latter, during his many wanderings in New England, came into contact with one or more cults of that rural America often immortalized in the tales, capable of transmitting to him occult knowledge concerning the Old Ones.

A sharing to be put to good use in many, immortal works, and Samael in this new exploration into the roots of HPL’s knowledge sinks his scalpel even deeper into the realm of Fantastic Reality.

This book therefore continues that kind of research and analysis begun in The Secret Cult, reaching new and extraordinary discoveries…